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1Prof. Shiva Kant SinghProfessor and Head9451559355View
2Dr. Narendra Kumar RanaProfessor9415210852View
3Dr. Ankit SinghAsst. Professor9450733490View
4Dr. Sarvesh KumarAsst. Professor9307479877View
5Dr. Swarnima SinghAsst. Professor9910146475View
6Dr. Dipak PrasadAsst. Professor9839834285View
7Dr. Ruchika SinghAsst. Professor7011884415View
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Research Projects (Last 5 Years)

Project Title
Funding Agency
State/Central Govt.
ICSSR ProjectDr. N.K. RanaICSSRGeographyCentral Government 3.220182
Wetland Management of Gorakh[ur District through special technologiesDr. Nutan TyagiUGCGeographyCentral Government 4.3120153
DST NRDMSDr. Nutan TyagiDSTGeographyCentral Government 820142 years
Integrated Land and water management with special reference to Rapti BasinDr. K. N. SinghUGCGeographyCentral Government 7.0520132

Research Papers

Title of PaperName of the Author/sDepartment of the TeacherName of journalYear of publicationISSNnumber
A Geographical Study on the Sources of Water Pollution in the river AmiDr. N.K. RanaGeographyBhoogol Shashtra Sansodhak2018 
Spatio-temporal Distribution and Identification of Encephalitis Disease Hotspots : A Case Study of Gorakhpur Tehsil, Uttar PradeshProf. Nutan TyagiGeographyJournal of Geomatics, Indian20180976-1330
Hydraulic Modeling Framework for Urban Flood Inundation Mapping of Gorakhpur City, IndiaDr. N.K. RanaGeographyAnnals of the Association of Geographers India20170970- 972X
आमी नदी मैं प्रदूषण के न्यूनीकरण का भौगोलिक अध्ययनDr. N.K. RanaGeographyराष्ट्रिय भौगोलिक पत्रिकाए20172230-9942
नीचले राप्ती बेसिन में बाढ़ आपदा न्यूनीकरणएवं आजीविका संवर्धन में गैर.सरकारी संघठनों की भूमिकाDr. N.K. RanaGeographyहिन्दी एननल्स ऑफ द नेशनल असोशिएशन ऑफ गेओग्राफेर्सए इंडिया20170970-972X
Planning Strategies for Development of Tourism in Eastern Uttar PradeshProf. Nutan TyagiGeographyEarth Surface Review20179760-7680
Spatio-temporal analysis of water quality of River AmiDr. N.K. RanaGeographyNational Geographical Journal of India20162230-9942
Assessment of Social Vulnerability to environmental Hazards in Gorakhpur DistrictDr. N.K. RanaGeographyUttar Bharat BhoogolPatrika20160042-1618
Current Patterns of Land Use in Gorakhpur and Basti RegionDr. N.K. RanaGeographyEarth Surface Review20169760-7680
Sikkim, A Role of Ecotourism in IndiaDr. S.K. SinghGeographyEarth Surface Review20160976-0768
Rural Infrastructural Development with Special Reference to Devipatan Division (U.P.),Prof. S.K. DikshitGeographyBhoo-Paricharcha2016 
Spatial Pattern of Land-Population Ratio in Devipatan Division (U.P.)Prof. S.K. DikshitGeographyIndian Research Journal of Social Sciences20162319-3565
A Geographical Study on Demographic Profile of Gorakhpur RegionDr. N.K. RanaGeographyUttar Bharat Bhoogol Patrika20150042-1618
Drainage basin parameters of a plain fed river system and its implications: Study on Ami river basin, Ganga plainDr. N.K. RanaGeographyUttar Bharat Bhoogol Patrika20150042-1618
Existing Land Use Patterns & Management Issues in U.P.Dr. N.K. RanaGeographyNational Geographer20150470-0929
Delimitation of Channel Migration Zones in the Rapti River Basin, Middle Ganga PlainsDr. N.K. RanaGeographyNational Geographical Journal of India20150027-9374
देवीपाटन मंडल में पुरुष साक्षरता का कालिक प्रतिरूपDr. S.K. SinghGeographyEarth Surface Review20150976-0768
इलाहाबाद नगरीय परिक्षेत्र में शैक्षणिक सुविधाओं का वितरण प्रतिरूपDr. S.K. SinghGeographyEarth Surface Review20150976-0768
जनसंख्या उत्प्रवास का सामाजिक-आर्थिक प्रभाव: ग्राम शिकारपुर, विकासखण्ड सिसवा का प्रतीक अध्ययनDr. S.K. SinghGeographyEarth Surface Review20150976-0768
Urban Sprawl of Gorakhpur CityProf. Nutan TyagiGeographyUttal Bharat Bhoogol Patrika20150042-1618
Fertilizer Consumption and Food Grain Production in Devipatan Division (U.P.)Prof. S.K. DikshitGeographyAnnals of the Rajasthan Geographical Association20150975-4652
Population Dynamics in Radrapur Tahsil (Deoria District)Prof. S.K. DikshitGeographyJournal of Eco-Development20150975-5411
Flood Hazards, Risk and Floodplain Management in Rapti River Basin, India,Dr. N.K. RanaGeographyThe Geographer20140072-0909
Spatial Assessment of the Impact of Rural Development Programmes upon Socio-Economic Transformation of a Backward RegionDr. S.K. SinghGeographyEarth Surface Review20140976-0768
Rural Development Programmes : AppraisalDr. S.K. SinghGeographyResearch J. Humanities and Social Science20142321-5828
Problems of Agro-Based Industry with Special Reference in Sugar Industry in U.P.Dr. S.K. SinghGeographyInt. J. Reviews and Research in Social Sciences20142454-2687
कानपुर महानगर उपान्त का सीमांकन एवं भौगोलिक विशेषताएंDr. S.K. SinghGeographyEarth Surface Review20140976-0768
Development of Animal Husbandry in Barabanki DistrictProf. S.K. DikshitGeographyIndian Research Journal of Social Science2014---

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Sr. No.
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1Dr. S.K. DikshitProfessor9450867787View
2Dr. Nutan TyagiProfessor9795337591View
3Dr. K.N. SinghProfessor9415212233View
4Prof. R.B. PatelProfessor9695589030View