The Department of Chemistry is a prominent Department of thisUniversity and it has its illustrious past. It was established at the verybeginning of this University in the year 1956 and started its functioningunder the dynamic leadership of two well known Chemists, Prof. R.C.Mehrotra and Dr. S.C. Tripathi. Later the Department reached to a height of excellencein teaching and research under the guidance of another eminent PhysicalChemist, Prof. R.P. Rastogi. Currently, the Department is led by Prof.Sudha Yadava who is a well recognized Inorganic Chemist. This Departmentstrives to create a first class experience for its students by providing astate-of-the-art educational and research environment and giving anopportunity to interact with faculty members. The Department is dedicatedto maintain its reputation as an outstanding Chemistry Department onthe basis of the rigorous curriculum and the quality of research. TheChemistry faculty is committed to encourage students to come up with innovativeideas and fulfil their dreams by preparing themselves most suited for thecompetitive global market.

TheDepartment values teaching and research on equal footing and emphasizesresearch as an integral component of the overall growth of the academicenvironment and every possible opportunity is harnessed to include theresearch in the curriculum. Teaching and research programs of theDepartment sustain a rigorous and innovative curriculum. The coremission of the Department is to advance the Chemical Sciences through themaintenance and development of the highest quality teaching and researchprograms and encouraging students to develop themselves as independent,productive and inventive scholars. The Department carries out its missionthrough shared leadership, effective management, and productive collaborations.

Successof the Department’s mission requires strong infrastructure andfinancial support, which is accomplished by having access to a physicalinfrastructure, modern instrumentation, and technical and administrative staffneeded to support teaching and research of the highest quality. The facultymembers always strive to ensure that the Department is well funded insupport of its mission through both external grants and contracts and supportfrom different funding agencies. A number of research projects from differentfunding agencies such as INSA, UGC, CSIR, CST (UP), DST, Department of Environment,ICAR etc are awarded to the faculty members for conducting research in cuttingedge areas of Chemical Science.

Thecurrent perspective of high level research in the thrust areas of ChemicalScience needs sophisticated and expensive equipment. To fulfil the requirement,the Department has a state of art air-conditioned Instrumentation Lab with on-linepower backup for 24x7 power supply. This laboratory is for our M.Sc. and Ph.D.students. The lab consists of equipment such as IBM Cluster(112 ProcessorMachine), FTIR, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, HPLC, Fluorescence spectrophotometer,MilliQ water equipment, Magnetic susceptibility measuring device, Multi-frequencyUltrasonic Interferometer and many others. Networking of Labs andcomputational facility has been established. Each faculty member isequipped with internet facility that helps in solving the problems of needystudents. The Department has air-conditioned smart class/seminar rooms equippedwith state-of-art audio-visual facility which are used regularly by thefaculty members for presentation of their specific lectures to the students aswell as by the students for their project work, presentations, seminars etc.

All thefaculty members are actively involved in teaching and research. Majority offaculty members have interactions with renowned scientists in USA,UK, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Australia and Japan and some of them have workedin World’s renowned laboratories. Several students of this Department havebeen awarded post-doctoral fellowship in foreign countries where they havevery creditably proved their worthiness. Alumni of this Department arespread all over the world and have occupied (are occupying) glorious positions.Additionally, they have also marked their presence abroad at reputedinstitutions and industries.

Theresearch activity has always been the focal point of the Department. Thisis reflected by the fact that the Department has continued support fromUGC under its Special Assistance Program (SAP) way back from 1974 andDepartment has been assisted under DSA Phase -III by an amount of Rs. 2.00Crore. In order to strengthen the infrastructure for high level researchand teaching the Department was also funded by DST under its FIST program.The quality of researches done by faculty members of the Department is alsorecognized by UP State Government and provided special funding under its Centreof Excellence program to enhance the research activities. This is furtherreflected by the fact that UGC under its BSR program sanctioned a numberof research fellowships during the past 10 years to Ph.D. students fortheir Ph.D. degree in the Department. A great emphasis is placed onmaintaining a high standard of teaching and it is always tried to let the studentsabreast with the state of the art in Science and Technology. A ComputerInformatics Lab having 15 desktops are available for M.Sc. and Ph.D.students. All the computers are connected to the high-speed LAN of theUniversity. Every year more than a dozen students qualify the NET/GATEexaminations.

Everyyear at least one refresher course is organized in the Department. Seminars and Conferencesare the regular features of the Department. Recently notable National andInternational Seminars were organized in the Department. Severalreputed scientists/ professors were invited to deliver their talk in theirspecific field of interest that were helpful for students.

In orderto provide better education, a peaceful and healthy environment is a must. The Departmentopined that to avoid unscrupulous activities of the unwanted, unknownpeople in the Department a close monitoring was needed. The installationof CCTV cameras at different places and the iron grills at open places made the Departmenta safe and secure place to study and work. In order to provide a better libraryfacility to students of Chemistry Department, the Departmental library iscomputerized and air-conditioned to provide a comfortable environment.There is a plan to equip the library with audio-visual and reprographicfacilities.

It goesto the credit of the teachers, administrative staff and students alike inmaintaining a very disciplined and healthy academic atmosphere in theDepartment. Additionally, the contribution made by the Alumni of thisDepartment has always been stimulus in keeping the Departmentaesthetically beautiful and intellectually satisfying.

Sr. No.
Teacher Name
Mobile No.
1Prof. Sudha YadavaProfessor and Head9415314109View
2Dr. Umesh Nath TripathiProfessor9455670369View
3Dr. Afshan SiddiquiProfessor9839505444View
4Dr. A.K. TiwariProfessor9336274825View
5Dr. N.K. ShuklaAssociate Professor9415282376View
6Dr. Netra Pal SinghAssociate Professor9456482271View
7Dr. Som Shankar DubeyAssociate Professor9885409389View
8Dr. Akhilesh Kumar SrivastavaAssociate Professor8707872507View
9Dr. Sarvesh Kumar PandeyAsst. Professor9452451419View
10Dr. Bimalendu AdhikariAsst. Professor9933898711View
11Dr. Atresh Kumar SinghAsst. Professor9450573366View
12Dr. Alok Kumar SinghAsst. Professor6393275228View
13Dr. Kamlesh Singh YadavAsst. Professor9839813290View
14Dr. Alok Kumar ChaudhariAsst. Professor7376659232View
15Dr. Pradeep Kumar RaoAsst. Professor8999502765View
16Dr. Preeti GuptaAsst. Professor9161758444View
17Dr. Sachin Kumar SinghAsst. Professor9792511544View
18Dr. VinitaAsst. Professor8808988521View
19Dr. Geeta SinghAsst. Professor9891819180View
20Arti VishwkarmaAsst. Professor8004374244View
21Dr. Seema MishraAsst. Professor9415787993View
22Ekta SonkerAsst. Professor9454432976View
23Raj Laxmi MishraAsst. Professor8400794760View
24Dr. Anand RatnamAsst. Professor6393830313View
 Sr. No. Course Syllabus CBCS
1B.Sc. ChemistryView/Download --
2M.Sc. Chemistry --View/Download
3RET ChemistryView/Download --
4B.Sc. Industrial ChemistryView/Download --

Research Projects (Last 5 Years)

Project Title
Funding Agency
State/Central Govt.
DST INSPIRE Faculty AwardDr. Alok Kumar SinghDSTChemistryCentral Government 17.0620185
DST INSPIRE Faculty AwardDr. Sachin Kumar SinghDSTChemistryCentral Government 8.0720185
DST INSPIRE Faculty AwardDr. Bimlendu AdhikariDSTChemistryCentral Government 9.920185
CSIR EMRII N0. 02/(0261)/16 EMR IIDr. Sudha YadavCSIR EMR IIChemistryCentral Government 8.8520173
Studies on yellow laccases of daedalea flavida MTCC-145 and abortipourus biennis MTCC-1176Prof. (Mrs.) Sudha YadavCST UPChemistryGovernment 7.5620143 Years
Solute rejection and transmission in composite membranes and to explore the possibility of bipolar membrane formationProf. A.K. TiwariUGCChemistryGovernment 1020143 Years
DST Women Scientist (Dr. Meera Yadav)Dr. Sudha YadavDSTChemistryCentral Government 8.220142
UPCSTDr. Sudha YadavUPCSTChemistryState Government 2.4920133
New insight into biomimetic action of Zinc motif as hydrolytic enzymesDr S K PandeyUGC, New DelhiChemistryGovernment 1020132 Years
Computational Perspectives on Atmospheric Oxidation of Hydrofluoro-olefinsDr. P.K. RaoUGC, New DelhiChemistryGovernment 1020132 Years
Eu(III) and Tb(III) complexes with CalixarenesProf. O.P. PandeyUGC, New DelhiChemistryGovernment 1220133 Years
Effects of substituents over components of binary liquid mixtures on weak molecular interactionProf. S.S. Yadav (Retd.)UGCChemistryGovernment 1020133 Years
DRDOPtof. S.K. Sen GuptaDRDOChemistryCentral Government 5.320123

Research Papers

Title of PaperName of the Author/sDepartment of the TeacherName of journalYear of publicationISSNnumber
Effect of cationic surfactants (CPC) on the solute adsorption onto CAP surface in brine solutionA. K TiwariChemistryJ. Applicable Chemistry201922781862
Ion permeation study on cellulose acetate/ chitosan membrane with multivalent aqueous electrolyte solutionA. K. Tiwari, Satya NathChemistryRasayan Journal Chem.20190976-0083
Effect of Cationic Surfactant (CetylPyridinium Chloride) on the Solute Adsorption onto Cellulose acetate phthalate Surface in Brine SolutionA. K. Tiwari, Zainab Farhat KhanChemistryJournal of Applicable Chemistry20192278-1862
An ensemble of Zn2+ with a rhodamine B-3-allylsalicylaldehyde hydrazone as novel photosensitive material: Photochromism, photopatterning, photoprinting and molecular logic gatesA. Rai, A. K. Singh, A. K. Sonkar, K. Tripathi, L. MishraChemistrySpectrochim. Acta Part A20191386-1425
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Organozirconium (IV)Complexes with 5- Aminotetrazole Schiff basesAnjali Upadhyay, S. K. Pandey, O. P. Pandey, S. K. SenguptaChemistryJournal of Applicable Chemistry20192278-1862
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Organozirconium (IV)Complexes with 5- Aminotetrazole Schiff basesAnjali Upadhyay, S. K. Pandey, O. P. Pandey, S. K. SenguptaChemistryJournal of Applicable Chemistry20192278-1862
Synthesis, spectral characterization, antimicrobial and docking studies of nanosized organotitanium(IV) complexes with schiffs bases derived from 5-substituted aryl)-2-hydrazino-1,3,4-oxadiazoles and indoline-2.3-dione.Anupama Srivastava, O. P. Pandey, S. K. SenguptaChemistryJournal of nanomedicine20191178-2013
Spectroscopic characterization and biological properties of zinc(II) complexes with Schiff bases derived from Bis-(4-amino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole-3-yl)-arene/alkanesArti Vishwkarma, Om P. Pandey, U. Yadava and Soumitra K. SenguptaChemistryJournal of Applicable Chemistry20192278-1862
Photoresponsive Circular Supramolecular Polymers: Topological Trap and Photoinduced Ring-opening ElongationB. Adhikari, K. Aratsu, J. Davis, S. YagaiChemistryAngewandte Chemie, International Edition20191433-7851
An alkali tolerant α-l-rhamnosidase from Fusarium moniliforme MTCC-2088 used in de-rhamnosylation of natural glycosidesDhirendra Kumar, SaritaYadav and Sudha Yadav, K.D.S. YadavChemistryBiorganic Chemistry20190045-2068
Purification of a α-l-rhamnosidase for the Transformation of Rutin to IsoquercitrinDhirendra Kumar, SaritaYadav, Sudha Yadav and K.D.S. YadavChemistryGlobal Journal of Bio-Science and Biotechnology20192278-8891
Preparation of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyacrylamide by Vertical Solution Polymerization TechniqueEkta Sonker, Rudramani Tiwari, Pubali Adhikary, Krishna Kumar and S. KrishnamoorthiChemistryPolymer Engineering & Science20190032-3888
Synthesis and self-assembly of aroylhydrazone based polycatenars: A structure-property correlationHemant K Singh, Ravindra K Gupta, Sachin K Singh, DSS Rao, SK Prasad, AS Achalkumar , B. SinghChemistryJournal of Molecular Liquid20190167-7322
Luminescent, optical, magnetic and metamaterial behaviour of cerium complexesIffat Ameen, Abhishek Kumar Tripathi, Raj Laxmi Mishra, Afshan Siddiqui,Umesh Nath Tripathi*ChemistryJournal of Saudi chemical society20191319-6103
Role of Musa paradisiacaascorbate peroxidase in the transformation of methyl phenyl sulfide to its sulfoxide.Kamlesh S. Yadav, PratibhaYadav, Satyawati Sharma, Sunil K. KhareChemistryInternational Journal of Biological Macromolecules20190141-8130
Naphthyl C8-H hydrogen activation and synthesis of organometallic ruthenium complex: Crystal structure of hydride intermediates and catalytic transfer hydrogenationManju Bala, Anand Ratnam, Rajan Kumar, Kaushik GhoshChemistryJournal of Organometallics Chemistry20190022-328X
Some novel manganese(III) porphyrins with catalytic propertiesNiharika Anand and Sudha YadavChemistryJournal of Coordination Chemistry20190095-8972
Effect of regioisomerism on the self-assembly, photophysical and gelation behavior of aroylhydrazone based polycatenars: Synthesis and characterizationPriyanka Kanth, Hemant Kumar Singh, Vijay Kumar, Sachin Kumar Singh, D.S. Shankar Rao, S. Krishna Prasad, BachchaSinghChemistryJournal of Molecular Liquid20190167-7322
Supramolecular Polymers Capable of Controlling Their TopologyS. Yagai, Y. Kitamoto,S. Datta, B. AdhikariChemistryAccounts of Chemical Research20190001-4842
Novel Mn(III) porphyrins and prospects of Their Application in CatalysisS.L. Bharti, C. Sharma, P. J. Hazarika, P.K. Chaurasia, N. Anand and S. YadavaChemistryRussian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry20190036-0236
Enzymatic de-rhamnosylation of orange peel naringin by 1α-l-rhamnosidase from Aspergillusterreus MTCC-3374Sarita Yadav and Sudha YadavaChemistryInternational Journal of Current Research20199657-1358
Review on Removal of Radiotoxic Ions from Aqueous SolutionsSom Shankar DubeyChemistryAsian Journal of Research in Chemistry20190974-4150
Optimization of Samarium (III) Sorption using nano Zirconium oxide by Taguchi MethodSom Shankar Dubey and Sarika GandhiChemistryAsian Journal of Chemistry20199707077
A ternary Fe(II)-terpyridyl complex-based single platform for reversible multiple-ion recognitionA. K. Singh, G. Pandey, K. Singh, A. Kumar, M. Trivedi and V. Singh,*ChemistryDalton Transactions20181364-5447
A quick and selective rhodamine based “smart probe” for “signal on” optical detection of Cu2+ and Al3+ in water, cell imaging, computational studies and solid state analysisA. Rai, A. K. Singh, K. Tripathi, A. K. Sonkar, B. S. Chauhan, S. Srikrishna, T. D. James and L. Mishra (‡These authors contributed equally to this work)ChemistrySensors and Actuators B: Chemical20180925-4005
Studies on Lead containing Zinc Selenide photoactive filmsA.K. Tiwari, Md Rashid Tanveer, Deepak MishraChemistryJournal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research20182349-5162
Preparation and characterisation of cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) –ZnO blend membrane in aqueous and acidic mediaA.K. Tiwari, Preeti, A.AbrarChemistryJournal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR)20182349-5162
A luminescence study of mixed ligand complexes of Thorium(IV) with oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen donor ligands; as possible precursor for luminescence materialAbhishek Kumar Tripathi, Iffat Ameen, Raj Laxmi Mishra, Afshan Siddiqui and Umesh Nath TripathiChemistryInt. J. Pure App. Chem20180973-3876
Synthesis, characterization and Physical Properties of Tantalum Pentoxide Reinforced Ni-Fe AlloyMatrixNanocompositesAlok Kumar Chaudhari and V. B. SinghChemistryChemistrySelect20182365-6549
Synthesis, spectral and photoluminescence properties of europium(III) and terbium(III) complexes with schiffs bases derived from 5-phenyl/substituted phenyl)-2-hydrazido-1,3,4-thiadiazoles and benzyl/diacetyl.Ananya Vishwakarma, O. P. Pandey, S. K. SenguptaChemistryJournal of Applicable Chemistry20182278-1862
Some Novel Manganese(III) Mixed Ligand Complexes and its Decolourization StudiesDeepika Jaiswal and Sudha YadavChemistryOriental Journal of Chemistry20180970-020X
Secretion of Α-L- Rhamnosidases By Some Fusarium Strains Using Agro Waste As InducerDhirendra Kumar, SaritaYadav and Sudha YadavChemistryInternational Journal of Advanced Biological Research20182250-3579
Synthesis, Characterizations and Photo-physical Properties of Novel Lanthanum(III) ComplexesIffat Ameen, Abhishek Kumar Tripathi, Afshan Siddiqui, Gaurav Kapil, Shyam S. Pandey and Umesh Nath TripathiChemistryJ. Taibah Univ. Sci20181658-3655
A Luminescence Approach to Synthesize Neodymium Addition Complexes with Nitrogen and Phosphorus Donor BasesIffat Ameen, Abhishek Kumar Tripathi, Raj Laxmi Mishra, Afshan Siddiqui and Umesh Nath TripathiChemistryJ. Chem. Cheml. Sci20182229-760X
A study on enhancing the quantum yield and antimicrobial activity of Pr(III) by varying the coordination environmentIffat Ameen, Abhishek Kumar Tripathi, Raj Laxmi Mishra, Afshan Siddiqui and Umesh Nath TripathiChemistryRSC Adv20182046-2069
Aging effect on bonding properties of fluorescent active neodymium materialsIffat Ameen, Abhishek Kumar Tripathi, Raj Laxmi Mishra, Afshan Siddiqui and Umesh Nath Tripathi.ChemistryKIJOMS20182405-609X
A Liquid‐Crystal‐Based System for Differentiating Structurally Related Analytes.Kirtika Mishra, Sachin Kumar Singh, Bachcha SinghChemistryChemistrySelect20182365-6549
Understanding the Atmospheric Oxidation of HFE-7500 (C3F7CF(OC2H5)CFCF3)2 Initiated by Cl Atom and NO3 Radical from TheoryPradeep Kumar Rao, Ramesh Ch. Deka, Nandd Kishor Gour and Shridhar P. GejjiChemistryJournal of Physical Chemistry A20181089-5639
Solidification behaviour and phase diagram studies of vanillin-o-nitrophenol systemPreeti Gupta and S.S. DasChemistryMaterials Today: Proceedings20182214-7853
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Purification, Characterization and Application of a Yellow Lactase from Abortbiennis MTCC-1176Manisha Sharma, DeepikaJaiswal, SaritaYadav, Sudha Yadava and K.D.S. YadavChemistryGlobal J of bio-Science and Biotechnology20172278-9103
Synthetic Application of crude lactase from Abortiporusbeinnis MTCC-1176ManishaSharama, Pankaj Kumar Chaurasia and Sudha YadavaChemistryAn Indian Journal20170974-7435
α-L-Rhamnosidase selective for rutin to isoquercitrin transformation from Penicilliumgriseoroseum MTCC-9224SaritaYadav, Sudha Yadava &Kapil D.S. YadavChemistryBioorganic Chemistry20170045-2068
Comparison of chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial potentials of essential oils and oleoresins obtained from seeds of brassica juncea and sinapis AlbaSunita Singh, S. S. Das, Gurdip Singh, Marina Perotti, Carola Schuff, César CatalánChemistryMOJ Food Processing and Technology20172381-182X
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Synthesis and characterization of some novel Mn (II) porphyrin complexes with imidazoleNiharikaAnand and Sudha YadavaChemistryInternational J of applied and pure Science and Agriculture20162394-5532
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Synthesis, Spectroscopic, thermal and antimicrobial studies of neodymium(III) and samarium(III) complexes derived from tetradentate ligands containing N and S donor atomsQ. Ain, S.K. Pandey, O.P. Pandey and S.K. SenguptaChemistrySpectrochim. Acta,140, 27-34,20151386-1425
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Electrochemical Synthesis and PEC behaviour of nanostructured Zn-Pb-SE Alloy filmsMd. Rashid Tanveer, Deepak Mishra, Aradhana Kashyap, A.K. TiwariChemistryInt. Journal of Research in Engineering and Bioscience20142321-743X
Purification and characterization of yellow laccase from Trametes hirsute MTCC-1171 and its application in synthesis of aromatic aldehydesPankaj Kumar Chaurasia, Rama S.S. Yadav, Sudha YadavaChemistryProcess Biochemistry20141359-5113
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Polyethylene glycol mediated, one pot, three component synthetic protocol for novel 3-[3-substituted-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazol-4-yl]-spiro-(indan-1’,2-thiazolidin)-4-ones as new class of potential antimicrobial and antitubercular agentsS.K. Pandey, Akeel Ahmad, O.P. Pandey and NizamuddinChemistryJ. Heterocyclic Chemistry20141943-5193
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Prof Sudha YadavaBook Chapter- Biofuel Production by Ligninolytic Enzymes”----2015978-1-626990-68-9Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur UniversityStudium Press LLC USA
Prof Sudha YadavaBook Chapter-Ligininlytic enzymes for water depoluution, coal breakdown and paper industry”----2015978-3-319-11906-9Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur UniversitySpringer International Publishing Switzerland
Prof Sudha YadavaBOOK- An Introductory approach to enzymes----2014978-3-846-52322-3Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur UniversityLAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany 2014
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