Dr. Manish Kumar Srivastava

Department of Commerce

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The University has anInternational Student’s Cell (ISC) constituted under the office of the Dean of Students’ Welfare with an Assistant Dean Student Welfare appointed to address the requirements of the foreign students pertaining to academic matters, administrative issues and accommodation facilities. Presently, Dr. Manish Kumar Srivastava is the coordinator of the Cell. The activities of the Cell are carried out with a view towards fulfilling the objectives of the Cell that include the following:

  1. Assistance in providing information regarding various academic programmes of the University.
  2. Apprise the international students of eligibility criteria for admission to various programmes offered by the University.
  3. Enable the eligible candidates in getting visa from the Indian Embassy in their respective countries along with assistance from the administrative staff in facilitating the procurement of necessary documents for the same.
  4. Address any academic or administrative problems faced by them.
  5. Address any problem related to academic matters to facilitate an enabling atmosphere for participation in the intellectual growth of the University.
  6. Provide safe and secure accommodation facilities bearing in mind a culture -sensitive approach.
  7. Assist in resolving administrative problems that may be faced by them.
  8. Provide counselling on matters related to social, cultural and ethnic problems that the foreign students may encounter.
  9. Encourage the foreign students to participate in co-curricular and extra – curricular activities in the campus to enrich the cultural diversity of the University.
  10. Make accessible to the foreign students all facilities like sports and games and grievance redressal cells like Anti-Ragging Cell and the Internal Complaints Cell in cases of violence and sexual harassment against women.