Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Teaching Staff:                               

Name of the teacher Designation
Dr. Kapil Deo Singh Yadav


Dr. Hariji Singh


Dr. Ishwar Das


Dr. Ajit Kumar Shrimal


Dr. Ram Sajiwan Singh


Dr. Soumitra Kumar Sengupta


Dr. Nizamuddin


Dr. Balram Prasad Baranwal


Dr. Abhay Kumar Jain


Dr. Sarvanand Singh Yadav


Dr.Om Prakash Pandey


Dr.Shiv Sharan Das      


Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Yadav


Dr. U. N. Tripathi


Dr. (Mrs.) A. Siddiqui


Dr. H. C. Gupta


Dr. Ashok Kumar Tiwari 

Sr. Lect.

Dr. I. P. S. Kapoor       

Sr. Lect.


1. T.G., DTA, DSC, Apparatus complete set including Accessories (Netrzsh.) @ DM. 78300.00
2. UV Visible spectrophotometer Model UV 2401 PC. (Shimadzu) including computer & printer @ Yen 9,00,000.00
3. Internet Lab, including computers, Printer, Server and Accessories.     Rs. 9.00 Lakh.
4. (A) FTIR Spectrophotometer and Accessories, Model Rx 1
                                                                                       Rs. 7,66,491.00
    (B) Hitachi Fluorescence spectrophotometer, Model F-2500 
                                                                                       Rs. 6,10,756.00
5. MITSUBISHI DLP Projector, XD 490.                 Rs. 1,23,890.00
6. QUAD High Computing Enterprise Sever.          Rs. 4,80,500.00
7. Low Temperature chamber (Cold Room)            Rs. 4,68,900.00
8. HPLC Equipments system (Waters)                   Rs.16, 6,5092.00
9. Milli Q Ultrapure Water Purification system         Rs.   8,99013.00
10. Kirlosker mark 20 KVA. Generator                    Rs.  3,24,000.00

Organisation of national/international conference/seminar/symposia/workshop etc. during the last five years.

   1National Seminar on Advanced Materials under UGC-DRS programme (March, 2002).
   2. Workshop on locally produced Low Cost Instruments (September 2002).
   3. National Workshop on Radiochemistry and application of Radio Isotopes in collaboration with IANSCAS, BARC, Mumbai (October, 2002).
   4. Academy lectures in collaboration with Indian Academy of Science, Banglore (November, 2002).
   5. National Seminar on Thermodynamics and Reaction Dynamics (March, 2003).
   6. National Seminar on Biological Chemistry: Advancing Frontiers (2005).
   7. Recent advances in Chemical Sciences March 28, 29, 2007 under UGC-DSA Programme.
   8. DSA Seminar in Chemistry March 2008.

 The Department has organized the following refresher courses during last five years.

 1. Refresher Course on Thermodynamics & Quantum mechanics (December, 2002).
 2. Refresher Course on Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry (November, 2003).
 3. Refresher Course on Chemical Dynamics and Reaction Mechanism (December, 2004).
 4. Refresher Course on Advances in Chemical Sciences (December, 2005).
 5. Refresher Course on "Emerging areas in Chemical Sciences (Nov. 17 - Dec. 2007).


Research project undertaken in the last five years :


Name of the teacher

Title of the project


Funding Agency


Dr. Hariji Singh 1. Computation studies on gas-phase Radical reaction with relevance to combution Chemistry 2004-2007 UGC New Delhi

7.366 lacs

Dr. Ishwar Das (1) Growth Inhibition & Dissolution Kinetics of Various Calculi in Solutions Containing different inhibitors 2001-2004 CSIR New Delhi

5.0 lacs

(2) Oscillatory reactions in flow reactors and non-equilibrium spatial patterns in chemical systems 2005-2008 DST New Delhi

10 lacs

(3) Characterization and dissolution kinetics of gall bladder and other stone in solution containing edible plant extracts and other metabolites.   UGC New Delhi

5 lacs

 (4) Non-linear dynamics in polymeric systems 2006- 2009 UPCST, Lucknow

4.2 lacs

Dr. Soumitra Kumar Sengupta (1) Cyclopentadienyl derivatives of lanthanides 2000 - 2003 CSIR New Delhi

3.02 lacs

(2) Supracyclopentadienyl derivatives of lanthanides 2001 - 2004 R. Soc. Chem. (London)

2.5 lacs

(3) Molecular recognition by metallocene based macrocyclic system and their complexes with lanthanides 2003 - 2006 CSIR New Delhi

7.5 lacs

(4) Design and synthesis of symmetrical and non-symmetrical crown esthers and their complxes with rare earthmetal ions. 2002 - 2005 UGC New Delhi

4 lacks

(5)  Lanthanide complexes with redox active macrocyclic ligands.   UGC New Delhi

4.45 lacs

 (6)  Catalytic activation molecular nitrogen by organometallic derivatives.   DRDO NEW Delhi

14.08 lacs

Dr. Balram Prasad Baranwal 1. Transition metal complexes involving sulfur containing ligands 2001-2004 UGC New Delhi

2.17 lacs

2.Polynuclear complexes .............. Ligands   UGC New Delhi

4.53 lacs

Dr. Abhay Kumar Jain 1.Liquid Membrane ...........surfactant 2003-2006 UGC New Delhi

4 lacs

Dr. Sarvanand Singh Yadav (1). Studies on Molecular Interactions Between Some Alkyl Bromides and Non-Polar Aromatic Hydrocarbons 2001-2004 UGC New Delhi

2.98 lacs

 (2). Studies on molicular interaction between some aliphatic Estes and Aromatic Hydrocarbons. 2007-2010 UGC New Delhi

3.86 lacs

Dr.Om Prakash Pandey 1. Molecular recognition by macrocyclic ligands with pendant functional group and their Host-Guest complexes with Jan 2005- March 2008 UGC New Delhi

3.64 lacs

Dr. Shiv Sharan Das 1.Nano and eco-friendly composite cements as Co PI 2007-2010 UGC New Delhi

8.48 lacs

Dr. U. N. Tripathi 1.Sulphide Sol-gel for pure TiS2 2007-2010 UGC New Delhi

4.06 lacs

Dr. (Mrs.) A. Siddqui 1. Ru(bpy)3 based ..... 2007-2010 UGC New Delhi

1 lac

2. Studies ......... 2007-2010 CST, Lucknow

5.10 lacs

Dr. Ashok Kumar Tiwari 1.Electro chemical ...... Surfactant Modified Membranes. 2002-2005 UGC New Delhi

4 lacs 

Dr. I. P. S. Kapoor 1.Sulfonation.... acids 2.Chemistry ..... spices 2006-08 UGC New Delhi

5 Lacs

Prof. N.B. Singh
(1)  Synthesis of complex metal oxide catalysts from molten nitrate eutectics and their catalytic activity in the decomposition of ammonium perchlorate and polystyrene composites 1999-2002 CSIR New-Delhi

5.00 lacs

(2) Fly ash activated betites cements-a counter measure for cement industry to reduce      pollution 2003- 2006 UGC New Delhi

4.06 lacs

 (3) Name and Ecoferindly composote clements 2007-2010 UGC New Delhi

8.48 lacs

Prof. Gurdip Singh
(1). Studies on plant derived pesticides 1999-2002 DBT New Delhi

5.457 lacs

2). Role of Substituents and Proton Transfer Reaction in the Thermolysis of Arylammonium Halides 1999-2002 UGC New Delhi

6.288 lacs

(3) Thermolysis of Plastic Bonded Explosives 2000-2003 UGC New Delhi

4.43 lacs

(4) Spice essential oils-potential food preservatives 2002-2005 DRDO New Delhi

17.5 lacs

(5) Studies on high performance insensitive explosives 2002-2005 LSRB, DRDO
New Delhi

12.1 lacs

(6) Nanomaterials .... Propellants 2002-2005 ARMREB, DRDO

8.748 lacs

(7)Nano material....... composite propellants 2003-2006 UGC New Delhi

5 lacs

  (8) Chemistry.... spices. 2003-2008 CST, U.P.

4.7 lacs

Grants received by the department:   
1. COSIP (College Science Improvement Programme (1975-1980)) Rs. 25 Lakhs.
2. COSIST (Committee on Strengthening Infrastructure in Science and Technology (1988-1993) Rs. 48 Lakhs.
3. DRS (Department Research Support) in three phase (1983-2003) Rs. 75 Lakhs.
4. UGC-DSA (April 2004- March 31, 2007). Rs. 50.1 Lakhs.
Any special contribution of the department:

The Department has contributed enormously in the area of Organometallic Chemistry, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics, High energetic materials, Solid state Chemistry, Cement Chemistry, Oscillatory Chemical reaction and non-linear fractal growth, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Co-ordination Chemistry, Natural products, Photoelectro Chemical conversions, Molecular interactions and Polymeric glasses. Keeping in view the serious academic performance of the Department, UGC has been assisting this Department in the form of various UGC schemes like COSIP (1975-1980), COSIST (1988-1993), DRS (1983-2003).

University Centre of Nano Science Research

A central facility for all University Departments and affiliated Colleges and other research organizations of this Region 

 Supplement of Proposal Submitted to the University Grants Commission New Delhi
Eleventh Five Year Plan
D.D.U. Gorakhpur University




Department of Chemistry

(DST-FIST and UGC-DSA Sponsored Department)

August, 2008


To,                                                                                                                              Date: 02.08.2008
            The Coordinator,
            UGC Visiting Team for 11th Plan Proposal
            of D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur.

Dear Sir,
       Kindly refer to the proposals submitted to the University Grants Commission, New Delhi for 11th Plan 2007-2012 by D.D.U. Gorakhpur University (page 36, Table 6.6) in which a new  University Centre of  Nano Science Research has been proposed.
            The requirements to this centre are as follows:

            1. X-Rays Diffractometer (XRD).
2. High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM).
3. Atomic Force Microscope (AFM).
4. Vibrating Sample Magnetometer or Super Conducting Quantum   Interferometer Device (SQUID).
5. Equipments for Measurement of Electrical and Optical properties.

 All these will require more than 10.00 Crore and some funds for building also.
Different Departments and Scientists involved in this centre will be as follows:

1. Department of Chemistry.
                                    Prof. I. Das
                                    Prof. N.B. Singh (Retired)
                                    Prof. Gurdip Singh (Retired)
                                    Prof. S.K. Sengupta
                                    Prof. B.P. Barnawal
                                    Dr. A.K. Tiwari
                                    Dr. I.P.S. Kapoor
                                    Dr. S.S.D. Mishra (DST Young Scientist)
2. Department of Physics
                                    Prof. J.P. Chaturvedi
                                    Dr. S.N. Tiwari
                                    Dr. Ravi Sankar Singh

                                    Dr. Lallan Yadav
3. Department of Biotechnology

Dr. Sarad Mishra

In addition, individual members of other Science Departments of the University, Affiliated Colleges and other research originations of this region will also be the effective users of this facility.



Nano materials have numerous commercial and technological applications, including environmental and analytical chemistry, drug delivery, bioencapsulation and electronic, optical and mechanical devices. In this region, there is no such type of centre. Therefore, there is a need for a University Centre of Nano Science Research in this region.



Proposed by

Department of Chemistry,
D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur